‘Best way’: Mrs Hinch fans share how to dry laundry in ‘no time’ without tumble dryer

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Mrs Hinch, real name Sophie Hinchliffe, regularly shares cleaning tips and tricks online. With more than four million Instagram followers, fans of the sensation often share their own finds on dedicated cleaning pages, including how to dry laundry in winter.

Posting on the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page, one woman asked for some advice when it came to drying laundry inside.

Sarah Jewers wrote: “What do people recommend for drying clothes indoors? I have a limited space and on a limited budget?

“Also needs to be reasonably speedy drying without access to a tumble dryer. Thanks.”

Drying laundry inside can be tricky with limited space, especially during the winter months.

Luckily, group members shared lots of ideas with Sarah on how she can dry her clothes in “no time”.

Jackie Lainton commented: “Use a heated airer, got mine from Wilko, can pick it up for fairly cheap when there are offers on.”

Lisa Lewis said: “I love my heated airer, use it all the time and clothes dry in no time, it’s the best way to dry in winter.”

Heated airers can help speed up the drying time of clothes and also be cheap to run.

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They can be picked up from several retailers such as Argos, Wilko and supermarkets.

Clothes may need to be rotated every so often to ensure that they reach the heat.

Beverley Krombeen wrote: “I wouldn’t be without my heated airer. I usually put it on for a couple of hours and then turn it off and leave clothes overnight.

“Clothes are always dry the next day and don’t need ironing.”

Karen Davison said: “I love my heated airer. Clothes dry in no time, especially if you use the cover that comes with it.”

Last year Britons went mad for Aldi’s heated airer, which had 20 heated bars.

Available for £39.99, the airer can dry clothes, towels and bedding.

Argos also has various different heated airers available, ranging from £45 to £100.

Others recommended using a heated drying rack as well as placing a dehumidifier in the same room to help increase ventilation.

Paula Web wrote: “I use a dehumidifier overnight and all my clothes are dry in the morning. Surprising how much it collects in the winter and I have no mould or mildew at all.”

Yasmeen Majeed said: “Use an air dryer and with a dehumidifier at night, speedy drying times.”

A dehumidifier helps to suck moisture out of indoor air, commonly used in areas of the home with high levels of humidity.

Using the appliance will also help to prevent mould and damp building up because there will be no moisture in the air.

What’s more, using a dehumidifier can eliminate condensation that may build up on windows.

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