Best UK location to live in retirement unveiled – no.1 spot has highest life expectancy

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The UK is home to a plethora of stunning locations in the countryside and by the coast. If you’ve recently retired, it can be difficult to decide which location to settle down in and buy a property. So where should you choose to live out your golden years?

According to Local Financial Advice, Cambridge comes out on top as the best place in the UK for retirees.

The financial advice service released a new Retirement Index report which revealed the best places in the UK for retirement

The index looked at the average pension fund size for people in the area, pensions shortfall they should expect, cost of living, average house price, life expectancy, best hospital index score and crime rates.

Cambridge, which is both historical and beautiful, triumphed across multiple categories.

As well as being one of the UK’s most historic areas, the city is home to some stunning architecture and low crime rates.

The city also came out on top for life expectancy and second place for the best hospital index score.

However, stunning architecture and safety comes at a price.

The average house price in Cambridge is £461,935.21 – around £200,000 more than the UK average.

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Overall, Cambridge scored 82.33 out of 100.

Second place on the list is Edinburgh, which came out on top for the average pension fund size.

Like Cambridge, Edinburgh is also home to beautiful architecture and has a high expectancy of 80.44 years.

Edinburgh also has a more reasonable average house price of £285,866.87.

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The Scottish capital scored 61.66 out of 100.

Greater London came in third place but also has the most expensive average house price on the list with the average home costing a whopping £500,310.14.

However, Greater London has the best hospital index, scoring 98.96 out of 100.

Newcastle upon Tyne and Belfast completed the top five.

Nigel Borwell at Local Financial Advice said of the report: “Moving to a new location for retirement brings a host of life changing and exciting opportunities to live out those golden years to the fullest.

“Our new retirement index provides a helpful guide to give you a better indication as to where is best to settle in retirement.

“I encourage more upcoming retirees to make the leap and enjoy the rewards.”

The top 10 best places for retirement in the UK:



Greater London

Newcastle upon Tyne







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