Best coastal town to relocate to is just ‘gorgeous’ and has a ‘very relaxing’ beach

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A new study by mortgage experts at, which analysed over 100 seaside towns, revealed the best coastal town to move to is Sheerness. The study looked at factors such as the average house price, the median annual pay, the beach water quality and the beach review score.

Sheerness, in north Kent, scored highly, particularly in average wages and reviews for its beaches.

Visitor Gabrielejerome recently shared a review on Tripadvisor saying Sheerness was just “gorgeous”.

She explained: “Lovely beach, clear waters, pebble beach and when the tide is out you can walk out to the sea.

“Lovely for families to have a picnic, walk along the beach and enjoy the sea.”

Another one said it was a “very relaxing place”. She commented: “My boyfriend and I regularly go here to sit and chill it’s peaceful and quiet. Lots of dog walkers and spectacular views of the sea.”

The second best coastal town to relocate to is the Isle of Wight resort of Shanklin, known for its beach and old village.

Shanklin has an average temperature of 11.6°C and one of the highest beach review scores.

Shanklin was followed by Minster, also in Kent, a town with great weather and just 709mm of rainfall a year.

The study also revealed the cheapest coastal town for housing is Peterlee, in County Durham, where the average house price is £99,468.

The warmest seaside town is Penzance, in Cornwall, with an average temperature of 12°C a year.

Brightlingsea, Tendring & West Mersea, and Colchester were named the driest coastal towns in the UK with an average rainfall of 668mm a year.

The experts from also revealed the UK spot with the best beaches was Burry Port, in Carmarthenshire.

The Welsh port town of Burry Port has three stunning nearby beaches: Burry Port Beach, Blue Pool Bay and Broughton Bay.

Finally, the study unveiled the coastal city with the most places to eat.

Bude, in Cornwall, is one of the first major towns in Cornwall, and also the seaside spot with the most restaurants per person.

The town is a very popular tourist destination, which explains why so many restaurants and bars have opened there.

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Whitley Bay


South Shields

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