Bathroom DIY experts share how to recreate Stacey Solomon’s ‘blue loo’ for under £45

Stacey Solomon unveils new bright red hair

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Stacey Solomon, known for her victory on I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! in 2010, moved into a beautiful new home in Essex earlier this year. The property, which has its own library and 2.5 acres of land, has been described by the presenter and author as her family’s “forever home”. The property cost her and her fiancé Joe Swash £1.2million and has been named “Pickle Cottage”.

Slowly, the couple are renovating the cottage-style mansion into the home of their dreams.

One of the biggest transformations Stacey has made is in her bathroom, also known as her “blue loo”.

The bathroom transformation is the most liked celebrity home influencer’s bathroom on Instagram with over 700,000 likes, according to research by Tap Warehouse.

The project is not only beautiful but budget-friendly too.

Stacey’s post was inundated with comments on Instagram with people asking how she did the renovation so they can recreate the look in their own homes.

To help those wanting to take inspiration from Stacey’s blue bathroom, Tap Warehouse has put together some budget-friendly DIY tips to get the look.

DIY wood panelling for as little as £8.50

DIY wood panelling has become one of the biggest interior trends this year.

One of the best aspects of the trend is it costs as little as £8.50 for the wood panels and can be completed in a matter of hours.

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First you need to measure your wall and plot where you want the panelling to start.

Don’t forget to write down the measurements so the end result is perfect.

Next, measure and cut the wood panelling to fit the wall.

Then, apply the wood panels to the wall using strong adhesive.

Ensure the panels are completely stuck to the wall before painting over them.

Transform old pipes and taps with gold spray paint for £12.50

Stacey’s bathroom has gold touches including taps and exposed pipes.

But if you have chrome taps, it may seem like an impossible task to turn them gold.

However, you don’t need to install new taps or pipes.

You can use a multi-surface spray paint to recreate the look for just £12.50.

Before you do this, ensure you cover the room with plastic or towels to stop the paint going everywhere.

You could spray paint other elements of the room gold too such as toilet roll and towel holders to save money on buying new ones.

Create a toilet and sink makeover for £15

The most unique element of Stacey’s bathroom makeover is the patterned toilet and sink.

If you want to create a similar look, the good news is you can create a unique pattern that no one else has.

Or, you can buy a wall stencil in the pattern you prefer and follow this design instead.

You can buy tile paint, which is tough, waterproof, washable and designed for bathrooms.

Before you paint your toilet or sink, make sure you are happy with the design.

Floating corner shelving for £5.99

The two floating corner shelves in Stacey’s bathroom are a great way to add accessories and decoration to a bathroom.

They also create extra storage space in smaller rooms.

Wooden corner shelf kits can be bought online for only £5.99 and can be fit without any help.

Make your own dried flowers for £2.50

Pampas grass has been another huge trend this year, with homeowners using it in bathrooms, living spaces and even bedrooms.

Looking for a new home, or just fancy a look? Add your postcode below or visit InYourArea

But did you know you can get the same look by making your own dried flowers?

To do this, you need flowers with low moisture like rose buds work best for this.

First, you should remove any leaves from the flowers and cut their stems to the same length.

When you do this, ensure you don’t touch the flower petals.

Divide the bouquet into smaller groups with a rubber band and leave them to hang upside down in a dark, cool room.

Make sure you leave space between the bunches to give them enough air when drying.

After two to three weeks, the flowers should be completely dry and ready to display.

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