Barclays customer devastated after handing over £4,000 to scammers

Rip Off Britain: Women caught in in £4K gift card scam

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On Rip Off Britain today, she recalled the horrific ordeal. Rosie had just started her first job and was excited to be part of the office environment.

During her first week in the office, Rosie received an email from someone who she thought was her boss.

Scammers had managed to send an email to Rosie with an identical email as her boss.

The email said: “I’m in a meeting at the moment, I need you to run an errand. Would you please send me your WhatsApp number.”

Following instructions, Rosie sent her number. The scammers then texted her asking her to buy gift cards and assured her that the company would reimburse her.

She went to the nearest supermarket, and bought £400 worth of Apple gift cards. The scammers told her to send pictures of the codes on the back once she had the cards.

It didn’t stop there, Rosie was asked to purchase more gift cards and send the codes.

She went to over three different supermarkets on her way back to work.

Altogether, Rosie bought £4,000 worth of gift cards from different supermarkets.

She was buying £500 worth at a time.

When she attempted to buy £1,000 worth of gift cards at one time, her transaction was stopped. 

The manager at the supermarket refused this as they thought she could be under duress.

They blocked her transaction and refused to accept payment.

Rosie said: “I had such a mixed bag of emotions – frustration, anger, willingness to please. I was getting so wound up and frustrated.”

She left the store without the gift cards.

It wasn’t until Rosie got home, and told her mum about the errands, that she realised it was a scam.

As soon as Rosie’s mum looked at the texts, she saw +64 number.

Her mum said: “It’s not +44 which is the UK so immediately I thought something was wrong here.”

They both realised what had gone on and that Rosie had sent £4,000 worth of gift cards to these criminals.  

The scam took a knock to Rosie’s confidence and she  resigned from her job.

Rosie said: “I think it’s going to take a bit of time but I will get there. It’s just it’s been kind of a blow of emotions.”

Barclaycard expressed to Rip Off Britain they had every sympathy with Rosie, and after their investigation into her case, they chose to reimburse her half of the amount she lost.

Rip Off Britain will return tomorrow at 9:15am on BBC One.

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