Banish ‘stubborn stains’ from toilets in just ‘one hour’ using cola

Clean It, Fix It: Maxine reveals how best to remove toilet limescale

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Toilet stains are unfortunately commonplace and usually appear as brown or green stains. One of the most common causes of toilet stains is limescale buildup. This is formed when hard water evaporates in the toilet and leaves behind mineral deposits.

As the mineral deposits dry, it picks up particles of dirt which can cause the stain to build.

Toilet stains can also be caused by mould, mildew, rust and even the chemicals you use to clean.

But rather than resorting to chemicals, homeowners can use natural methods to banish toilet stains.

With this in mind, Sarah Dempsey at, the UK’s leading trades matching site, has exclusively shared her cola hack for cleaning toilets and removing “stubborn stains” from toilets.

Sarah said using cola is one of her “favourite” cleaning hacks.

She continued: “One of my favourite cleaning hacks is using cola for cleaning the toilet.

“Unusually, cola actually contains a lot of very effective cleaning properties.

“Simply grab a bottle of the fizzy good stuff and pour it around the rim of the toilet bowl.

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“Leave the coca cola to do its thing for around an hour and then give it a good scrub with a toilet brush.

“This will effectively remove stubborn stains from the toilet bowl and leave it fresh and clean.”

Cola can be bought from most local supermarkets, online or from your nearest corner shop.

Sainsbury’s Cola costs 65p, Asda cola costs 70p, Tesco cola costs 70p and Morrisons Cola costs 79p.

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The reason cola is great at cleaning toilets and other items is its acidity.

For example, cola’s high acidity levels can actually break down the enamel on our teeth which can lead to cavities.

Cola contains citric, carbonic and phosphoric acid which is why it’s so good at removing stains from toilets.

Citric acid can also be found in lemons, limes and oranges which can also be used for cleaning.

Some experts have suggested heating cola until it’s warm before using it to clean toilets, however, this isn’t necessary.

As long as the entire toilet bowl is coated in cola for around an hour, it should remove any unpleasant stains.

For best results, leave the cola to work overnight so the acid can work its magic.

Cola can also be used to clean rust, kettles and mould found on tile grout.

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