Asda offering over 60s £1 hot meal deal this winter

Cost of living: Couple outline 'significant impact' of energy bills

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The supermarket chain has launched a hot “winter warmer” meal deal which is worth £1. This offering includes soup, roll and unlimited tea or coffee for over 60s across Asda’s 205 cafes across the country. It comes as businesses, the Government and charities look for ways to help consumers and households during the ongoing cost of living crisis.

Pensioners will be able to enjoy this £1 meal deal throughout November and December of this year.

This latest “winter warmer” initiative will run at the same time as Asda’s “Kids eat for £1” meal deal.

Created to support families with young children, this deal has proven to be extremely popular with more than 557,000 meals served since its launch in late June.

In light of this, Asda has chosen to introduce a similar scheme for over 60s as means of further mitigating the increase to the overall cost of living.

Older households have been found to be exponentially hit hardest by the doubly whammy of rising inflation and energy bills.

According to the supermarket’s latest Income Tracker, Britons aged 65 to 74 saw a £163 drop in disposable income in August, compared to 2021.

This has been blamed on inflation continuing to outpace pension and savings growth which is hitting the pockets of over 60s.

Asda cited research carried out by Age UK which estimates that 2.8 million older households will still be living in fuel poverty this winter despite recent Government support.

Mohsin Issa, Asda’s co-owner, shared why the supermarket chain is opting to assist pensioners at this trying financial time.

Mr Issa explained: “We know that this winter is set to be incredibly hard for thousands of pensioners as they worry about how to keep themselves warm in the face of rising living costs and a fixed income.

“We’ve already been able to serve over half a million meals through our Kids Eat for £1 initiative in our cafes and we’re hoping our new offer of soup and hot drinks for over 60s will prove just as impactful for those who need it most.

“Meanwhile, the cost of living grant programme led by Asda’s charity The Asda Foundation will support grassroots organisations who are providing a lifeline in their communities during these tough times.”

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Outside of this support for pensioners, the Asda Foundation is providing £500,000 to support community groups during the cost of living crisis.

This is being done to help rising operating costs and increased demand for crucial services as households continue to struggle.

Grants for individuals will be worth up to a maximum of £2,000 are available and charities will be prioritised to cover increased energy costs or those who want to use their facilities to create “warm banks”.

This is the term used to describe spaces where people can keep warm this winter if they can’t afford to always heat their homes.

On top of the meal deal, Asda is also running a “Community Cuppa” campaign in its cafes by creating space for community groups

This will help groups who may otherwise struggle to meet up with each other due to rising energy costs.

These spaces will be available on weekdays in November and December from 2pm to 6pm.

All community group members who visit will receive unlimited free tea or coffee as part of the initiative.

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