Apple AirPods 2 'will come in slick black finish' – but they could cost you £200

APPLE is expected to launch new AirPods this year – and rumours suggest they'll come in a sleek black finish.

The hugely popular wireless ear buds have not been upgraded since they were released two years ago, and the new versions could set you back £200.

According to Taiwanese site Economic Daily News, Apple's supply chain has already started mass producing the AirPods 2 ready for release this year.

An insider told the publication that the buds will ship with a high tech exterior coating.

This will increase grip, making them less likely to fall out of your ears.

The AirPods 2 be available in at least two colour options, including the traditional white and a new "stealth black".

Reports earlier this month claimed that Apple will release them by late June.

They could cost as much as £200 – £40 more than the current generation.

It's also believed Apple will load sensors inside the buds that monitor health signs, such as your heartbeat.

The AirPods have come a long way since they were met with mockery after Apple released them in 2016.

Critics branded them pretentious and said they far too expensive and easy to lose.

Two years later, and you can hardly walk down the street without seeing a pair protruding from someone's lugs.

Even celebrities are brandishing them, with pop star Miley Cyrus pictured wearing a £750 pair of Louis Vuitton AirPods last month.



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According to recent rumours, the AirPods 2 could come as early as next month, when Apple will host its annual March press event in San Francisco.

They'll follow hot on the heels of Samsung's Galaxy Buds, which are expected to launch today alongside its new Galaxy S10 smartphone.

You can read our full guide on the AirPods 2 by clicking here.

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