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WHATSAPP is constantly updating its app – and voice notes have been massively improved.

There's a clever voice note trick that every WhatsApp user should know.

A recent addition to WhatsApp is the ability to pause voice note recording.

It launched on the app earlier this year, and is proving very popular.

TikTok star and gadget whiz @letsdodiz has released a video explaining how to do it this week.

And the clip has already racked up more than 11,000 likes.

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First, make sure you've updated to the latest version of WhatsApp.

You can do this through the Apple App Store on iPhone or in the Google Play Store on Android.

Then close and relaunch WhatsApp to make sure you're using the newest version.

Now open up a chat – it doesn't matter if it's an individual or group conversation.

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Tap and hold on the voice record feature, then draw upwards to lock it in to "hands free" mode.

Now you'll see that a pause icon has appeared in the bottom-centre of the screen.

You can tap this to pause the recording.

It's even possible to leave the conversation and the app while keeping the recording paused.

And then you can come back to it later and continue.

This is great if you're recording a long message but get interrupted, or need to find out more information.

Or maybe you've simply forgotten what you wanted to say, and need some time to remember.

Whatever the case, it's very easy to pause and come back to it – and the recipient won't know the difference.

The app doesn't flag to the chat when a recording has been paused.

WhatsApp also recently changed the app so that you can keep listening to voice notes even outside of a chat.

So if you start playing a voice message, you can move into another chat and it won't pause playback.

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This is really useful if you're listening to a very long voice note – but you still want to talk to other people.

That feature is now live, so it should appear if you're using the latest version of WhatsApp.

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