‘An extra £1k for Christmas!’ One woman explains how decluttering at home can pay

Nick Knowles introduces Marlow family to decluttered home

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The mum of two from Manchester says having a clear out could make families up to £1,000 richer in time for the festive period. And she has revealed what items are most likely to sell at this time of year and how much people can expect to get for them.

When it comes to decluttering, 51-year-old Janine McDonald is a bit of an expert – she loves helping others and has even set up her own business Clear The Clutter Now based in the north west of England.

Janine believes that decluttering can have a massive impact on all aspects of someone’s life and can improve their health, wellbeing and family relationships.

She explains: “I was a successful bank manager – in charge of the flagship Branch in Northern Ireland and subsequently in charge of a team of 67 people.

“I loved my job. As a people person, I enjoyed supporting my team and helping the customers.

Janine continues: “Then banking changed – it became target driven and lost the personal element.

“Increasingly unrealistic demands were being placed on myself and my team from the management above.

“The pressure was ridiculous and it took its toll on my mental health. I was off sick with depression, then made redundant and I lost my confidence.

“I stopped dealing with things, piled everything into the spare room and the clutter just grew. The mental weight of all the stuff was eating me alive!”

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Now she helps people get their confidence back, just like she did one step at a time.

She explains: “It’s win, win because you can make extra money and have a clear out which generally makes people feel happier.

“It will also allow you the mental clarity to focus on achieving your goals.”

People can make anywhere between £100 and £1,000 from their unwanted stuff – and when it comes to what’s good to sell, Janine has all the insider information.

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She has more tips on her website cleartheclutternow.co.uk, which include:

  • Starting now – from the end of October to mid November, Britons can buy toys because children are starting to write their lists for Father Christmas
  • Furniture – December is considered a great time to sell furniture on local selling sites
  • DVDs, books and CDs – Britons are encouraged to start selling straight away. While these may only fetch a few pounds, it can all add up
  • Consider calling in a professional – Decluttering can often be at the bottom of a list, but someone trained in getting rid of clutter could really help.

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