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Amazon appears to have reversed its decision to pull the latest "Unreported Truths" installment from author Alex Berenson from its platform. 

Berenson, a former New York Times journalist who has been outspoken about the country's response to the coronavirus outbreak, released part three of "Unreported Truths about COVID-19 and Lockdowns" on Tuesday both as an ebook and in paperback. 

However, Berenson appeared to have hit a roadblock with the retail giant. 

Berenson told Fox News that while the ebook of "Unreported Truths" was listed on Amazon without a problem, the paperback was stalled and later rejected.

"Censorship is alive and well. Every study I reference is quoted verbatim with a link to the original paper. WHAT IS GOING ON?" Berenson tweeted at the time sharing a screenshot of the "blocked" status of his third "Unreported Truths" installment. 

He then later saw that the digital version of his booklet, which focuses on the effectiveness of masks, was "blocked" as well. 

"Yep, @amazon has now officially pulled the ebook too. I don’t know what to say," Berenson followed. 


Berenson explained to Fox News that Amazon did not say anything to him "aside from a generic note telling me they'd pulled it."

"I don't know what happened. After their failed attempt to censor me in June they allowed a second booklet through in August, but not this one," Berenson said, alluding to his previous clash with Amazon. "Apparently criticizing lockdowns is okay, but not masks."

After reaching out to Amazon about its decision to pull Berenson's booklet, a spokesperson indicated that it had reversed.

"This book is available for sale. We have notified the author," the spokesperson told Fox News. 

Berenson shared the email he received from Amazon to Fox News congratulating him for his booklet being available in its Kindle Store, which was the same email he received when it was initially approved. Amazon did not provide any explanation to Berenson as to why it was pulled in the first place, telling Fox News "It's just them backing down without admitting it."


"Amazon should be embarrassed," Berenson said. "Given its near-monopoly in the book business, it should be trying to offer as many point of views as possible, not suppress them.

He added, "I am fortunate to have vocal supporters. But we shouldn't have to keep doing this."

Amazon did not immediately respond to Fox News' further inquiry regarding its decision to pull Berenson's booklet. 

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