‘Amazing!’ Mrs Hinch fans share 28p ‘natural’ method for cleaning windows

Mrs Hinch: Cleaning hack removes grime from window

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Cleaning star and influencer Mrs Hinch, whose full name is Sophie Hinchliffe, became popular after sharing her cleaning tips and recommendations on social media and TV. The cleaning enthusiast has managed to gain over 4.3 million followers on Instagram, has her own homeware range at Tesco and has authored several books. Now, fans of hers have created their own social media groups dedicated to cleaning and tidying tips.

Helen Mcguire: “Hi there. Best natural way to clean inside windows please?”

Helen’s post was inundated with responses from Mrs Hinch fans but one of the most suggested hacks was to use cold tea.

Pamela Seale replied: “Cold tea – amazing!”

Lesley Watson simply said: “Cold tea.”

Sandra Tippen wrote: “Cold tea in a spray bottle and buff up with newspaper.”

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Tea bags are a relatively affordable way to clean windows without using chemicals.

ASDA Smart Price 40 Tea Bags cost just 28p.

Morrisons Savers Tea Bags cost 55p for 80.

Sainsbury’s Fairly Traded Red Label tea bags cost £2.90 for 240 tea bags.

One hundred Typhoo Tea Bags are available to buy from Savers for just 98p.

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Other suggestions from Mrs Hinch fans included using white vinegar, Fairy liquid and using cloths.

Sam Bates said: “I use 20ml white vinegar, 20ml lemon juice in a spray bottle and fill with water.

“Add a dash of washing up liquid, shake and good to go.”

Michelle Robinson replied: “Vinegar and water.

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“House smells like a chippy for a few hours but soon goes.

“Also, clean my car windows this way as well but be careful to cover the air vents because if it drips into your air vents your car will smell like a chippy for weeks on end.”

Melanie Taylor wrote: “Fairy liquid in a bowl of warm water, I just apply with a cloth then squeegee it all off for sparkling windows every time.”

Gill Steeles said: “Hot water and washing up liquid with plenty of cloths to buff without streaks.”

Natalie Mosley said: “One wet cloth and one dry cloth. No chemical smears at all.”

Danielle Barrett replied: “White vinegar and a microfibre cloth.”

Ann Cooper said: “Just wet and dry microfibres cloths.

“Wipe over with wet cloth and polish off with a dry one, no products needed, no smears!”

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