Amazing iPhone trick will save you from making the WORST charging mistake

A TIKTOKER has shared a fun iPhone trick that makes your mobile bark a phrase of your choice whenever you plug it in to charge.

User @heimadigital shared the neat hack with her 590,000 followers in a post published last year.

As well as being a bit of fun, switching the setting on could save you from plugging in your iPhone incorrectly.

If you stick in the Lightning cable and your gadget doesn't say your chosen phrase, you'll be alerted that something's wrong.

Of course, the iPhone already makes a tone when your phone is charging or removed from the charger.

Up until the release of iOS 14 in 2020, you could not change this sound. 

Now, you can switch it up using the Shortcuts app, which you can find on your Homescreen or via the search bar.

Go to the Automations tab and tap Select Create Personal Automation. Scroll down and select the Charger option.

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Select Is Connected or Is Disconnected to set the tone for when your phone is either plugged into or removed from the charger.

Select Next at the top right corner and tap Add action. In the search bar at the top, type Speak text and select that option when it appears.

Add the phrase you want your phone to say aloud whenever you plug in or remove the charger.

The phrase used by @heimadigital is "I'm charging", but you could also go with "ouch" or "at least buy me a drink first".

Select Next in the top right hand corner and make sure to turn off Ask before running. Now hit Done.

If you got all that right, your phone should now speak a phrase whenever you connect or disconnect a charger.

You can always repeat the process again if you want to add more.

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