‘Absorbent’ household item ‘prevents streaks’ on windows, claims expert

Homebase: How to keep your windows clean and streak free

There’s nothing worse than a smudged, dirty window on a sunny spring day. Clean windows aren’t just more visually appealing but they also allow more sunlight into the property.

Spring is the perfect time to have a deep cleaning of a property which includes wiping windows.

After a long winter, windows can be coated in dust, dirt, mud and cobwebs.

But windows can easily look worse than they did before they were cleaned if certain products or the wrong equipment is used.

With this in mind, Sue Caldwell, the managing director of the multi-award-winning, eco-friendly cleaning brand Clean Living International, has shared how to get “glistening glass”.

She told Express.co.uk: “Using old newspapers for cleaning your windows is great way to get a streak-free shine.

“Use a solution of distilled white vinegar or an eco-friendly glass cleaner applied to the windows or glass, then scrunch up your newspaper sheets and work it into the surface in a circular motion.

“As newspapers are so absorbent, it absorbs the liquid to prevent streaks, rather than just moving it around the glass.”

Glass is a slick, slippery non-porous surface so the ink of the newspaper does not adhere to the surface.

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White vinegar is often used to clean windows because it’s cheap, natural and a powerful cleaning solution.

The popular item is acidic which means it can dissolve mineral deposits, dirt, grease and grime while also cleaning bacteria.

It’s often used to clean ovens, kettles, taps, shower doors, dishwashers and washing machines.

White vinegar can be bought online or from most local supermarkets or hardware stores.

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Wilko Original White Vinegar costs £1.25, Stardrops White Vinegar Multi-Purpose Cleaning Spray costs 99p from Asda and Dri-Pak Pure White Vinegar costs £2 from Ocado.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is cleaning windows on a sunny day.

It’s actually best to clean windows on a dry but overcast and cloudy day.

Cleaning windows when the sun is shining heats the glass which then dries the cleaning solution onto the window before it has the chance to be wiped away.

The sun, therefore, causes streaks and smudges across the glass window.

Using too much cleaning solution can also cause windows to become streaky and smudged.

Rather than making windows cleaner, soap residue can get built up on the glass which can cause streaks.

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