8 nonprofits helping Americans struggling because of the coronavirus pandemic that you can donate to right now

  • The economic fallout from the novel coronavirus in the US is devastating — 13 million people have remained jobless since mid-March, per the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 
  • The Washington Post reports that without more government aid, millions of families will become food insecure or go hungry. 
  • The nonprofit Feeding America reported a dramatic increase in demand at local food banks. 
  • You can donate to one of these eight nonprofits expanding their efforts in the wake of the pandemic, such as Feeding America, Meals on Wheels, or the Restaurant Employee Fund.
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The novel coronavirus pandemic, which causes the disease COVID-19, is unlike any other crisis in modern time. The rising death toll and economic fallout is devastating — and many are seeking help.

For example, Feeding America, which has seen an uptick in the number of people visiting their local food banks and pantries, has launched an emergency fund to keep its shelves stocked. The National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation established a fund to help service industry workers who need help paying for things like groceries, medical bills, or rent. And Meals on Wheels has launched an emergency response fund in the wake of the global outbreak to meet demand as more seniors are told to stay home to avoid getting sick. 

Demand will only likely increase. A whopping 13 million people have remained jobless since mid-March, per the Bureau of Labor Statistics. And The Washington Post reports that without more government aid, millions of families will become food insecure or go hungry. 

Here are several nonprofit organizations, listed in alphabetical order, that have launched specific campaigns in the wake of COVID-19.

The Crisis Text Line, which helps people experiencing a mental or life crisis, has established a fund to help meet increasing demand.

The Crisis Text Line, which depends largely on volunteers donating their time, has seen a spike in the number of people using its services since the onset of COVID-19.  

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Feeding America has established a COVID-19 emergency response fund to keep supplying and funding its network of food banks.

Feeding America, a network of over 200 food banks, has seen a spike in demand as a result of the millions of layoffs that happened in the wake of the pandemic. In response, the nonprofit launched an emergency fund to help stock its food banks and pantries across the country. 

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Habitat for Humanity is asking for more donations as millions face possible eviction.

The nonprofit Aspen Institute projects that 30 to 40 million people in the US could soon face eviction or homelessness due to the economic fallout of the coronavirus pandemic.  

Habitat for Humanity, which provides affordable or free housing, released a statement and a call-to-action calling for additional support, saying in part, that the future is "fairly uncertain" for millions of Americans now financially struggling to get by. 

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Meals on Wheels continues to deliver meals to individuals at home who are unable to purchase or prepare their own food, especially the elderly who have been told to stay indoors.

Local Meals on Wheels chapter leaders say demand for their services has increased since the spread of COVID-19, with more seniors being asked to stay home to reduce the risk of infection during the outbreak. The nonprofit has launched an emergency response fund in the wake of the global outbreak. 

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The PenFed Foundation launched a COVID-19 emergency financial relief program for military service members and veterans in need.

The Pentagon Federal Credit Union Foundation, which provides financial assistance to military service members and veterans, has launched an emergency financial relief program in the wake of COVID-19. In just four days, the foundation has received 6,000 applications. The program will offer one month of payment, up to $1500, for rent, a mortgage, an auto loan, or utility bills.

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The Salvation Army is helping care for people most vulnerable to COVID-19 through its support of homeless shelters, food banks, and drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs.

The Salvation Army helps approximately 23 million Americans each year and operates in 130 countries worldwide. As part of it's COVID-19 response, the nonprofit is seeking to expand its offerings in housing for the homeless, childcare for first responders, food support, and funding for its drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers. 
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United Way has established the COVID-19 Community Response and Recovery Fund to support communities affected by the virus.

The go-to information phone number 211, which United Way funds, is fielding 200-400% more calls than normal, mostly for food, financial assistance, and housing. United Way has set up a recovery fund to help support this growing need, helping fund local nonprofits.

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The National Domestic Workers Alliance has set up an emergency fund for domestic workers.

The National Domestic Workers Alliance, an advocacy organization promoting the rights of domestic workers in the US, has set up a fund to help workers who aren't able to show up to work because of the pandemic. Qualifying applicants who are experiencing financial hardship can receive $400 in emergency assistance from the fund, according to the alliance's website. 

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