£300 in just a few clicks: Woman shares simple way to offset rising energy bills

Couple stunned by potential savings

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A young woman from London has shared how she has put an extra £300 towards her savings over the last two years. Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk Ola Majekodunmi says anyone can do it and it’s possible to make thousands.

“I have saved money on hotel bookings, clothes purchases, train bookings and on some tech purchases.”

The money blogger set up her website during the first lockdown while still at university.

She added: “I had always heard about cashback, but thought it may have been a scam as it always sounded too good to be true, but I can confirm it is legit as they say it is!”

“I turned to blogging to help young people manage their finances effectively as we’re not taught enough about this at school.

“It has since become my full-time job.”

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The 24-year-old continued: “Now is certainly the time to consider creative ways of making some extra money.

“There is only so much we can physically cut back on, so if you can, find ways you may be able to make extra cash outside of your nine to five.

“Users have the potential to make quite a fair bit using cashback websites.

“The key is to always check the cashback website for the retailer you are about to make a purchase from – I know some people who have made £1,000 plus.”

The graduate has some great tips for making money online that require very little effort.

She continued: “I also recommend people download the web browser extension Honey, as users can also earn cashback through this.

“Honey is a web based app which automatically scans the internet for discount codes helping people save more money.

“When making money online, people don’t realise that they can actually get paid to search the web.”

 As well as making money from cashback she also shared a few other tips:

Ola said: “Selling skills or finding freelance work on websites such as Fiverr, and Upwork can be another great method of making money.

“Another great way of making some extra money online is taking part in online surveys, and online focus groups too.

“Websites such as Prolific, Toluna, Saros, and Angelfish are my favourites.

“The web browser extension Qmee, allows users to search the internet as usual, and then pays them accordingly to do so.”

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