10 TikTok home hacks you should NEVER attempt

Cleaning hack: TikTok user reveals paper towel trick

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While TikTok has become one of the most popular social platforms to share home hacks, some of these tips could be doing more harm than good. Express.co.uk chatted to MattressNextDay to find out the 10 TikTok home hacks that could damage or devalue your home.

Painting your sink

Painting your sink might sound like a good idea, but it is likely to go wrong and result in you having to replace it entirely.

The experts at MattressNextDay said: “Whilst painting your sink has been a popular hack on TikTok, this should only ever be carried out by a professional as doing a DIY job could result in your sink becoming permanently damaged and needing to be replaced (which costs an average of £562).”

Mixing cleaning products

You might think that mixing cleaning products intensifies the cleaning power, but this can cause chemical burns.

The experts said: “Mixing bleach with alcohol or even vinegar and lemon juice can cause chemical burns.”

Painted floor tiles

Painted floor tiles might sound like a cheap way to create a new look in the kitchen or bathroom, but DON’T!

If you do this, your tiles will become patchy and can become a health hazard

The experts said: “Whilst painted floor tiles may look pretty, the paint is often not durable enough to handle the natural wear and tear gained from being walked on.

“What’s more, painting your tiles could create chips which can not only cause a health hazard, as people can trip over, but it will result in you having to replace the whole floor.”

Laundry stripping

Laundry stripping is the method that involves soaking your bedding in Borax, Arm and Hammer baking soda and laundry powder in order to remove stubborn dirt.

However, the hack isn’t as useful as you’d think.

The experts said: “These strong chemicals can actually cause permanent dye loss on your sheets, and make them harder.”

Painting worktops

Painting the worktops in your kitchen is another no-no as this can create germs that mix with your food.

The MattressNextDay experts said: “A lot of worktops are made from laminate meaning that the paint won’t bond to the surface as it is designed to be impervious.

“Minor bumps will cause chips that bacteria can get into, where you are prepping food.”

Air freshener on radiators

A popular ‘hack’ shared by TikTokers who spray Fabulousa air freshener inside their radiators is very dangerous.

The trick is supposed to push the dust out to clean it whilst the fresh, clean smell lingers.

However, the experts pointed out that the label on the bottle states that you should ‘keep away from heat, hot surfaces, sparks, open flames’ which applies to radiators and can, in the worst-case scenario, cause a fire.

Paint your bathroom pink

Pretty in pink isn’t everyone’s taste, so avoid covering your bathroom in pink paint.

The experts said: “Research shows that the best interior colours to increase your home’s value are blue, green, grey, cream and white.

“So, whilst pink bathrooms are a popular hashtag on TikTok, we’d refrain from decorating it this colour as the bathroom is one of the most expensive rooms to replace (costing up to £7,400), which could put off potential buyers from making an offer.”

Clean the bath with a drill

Don’t use a drill to clean your bathtub as you could damage it!

The experts explained: “A big trend on TikTok features attaching a sponge or cleaning utensil to your drill, lathering it in a cleaning product and turning it on to dig deep into the crevices of grout, bathtubs and more.

“However, the strong force could chip or damage your bath or grouting, or not holding it correctly could result in an injury.”

Paint your stairs white

DON’T paint your stairs white, even if you think it looks better.

The experts warned: “You should refrain from painting the treads (the part you walk on) white as this area is walked on multiple times a day by multiple people.

“This can lead to wear and tear that is extremely noticeable and will need to be repainted regularly.”

Ironing your sheets while on the bed

Ironing your bedsheets while they’re on the bed can permanently damage your mattress, no matter what Mrs Hinch fans say.

The experts at MattressNextDay said: “You should never iron your sheets whilst they’re on the bed as heat can permanently damage memory foam and latex mattresses.

“Instead, a top tip is ironing your sheets when they’re still slightly damp.

“You should also fold your sheet in half vertically, then iron it that way, as your sheets are thin enough to be ironed on both sides with one movement.

“If you don’t want to iron at all, use some watered-down fabric conditioner and spray this once your sheet is on your bed.”

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