La Nina Likely to Bring Colder Winter to China

La Nina is likely to bring more cold weather to China during the autumn and winter, but the freezing temperatures forecast next month across the country’s top corn and soy growing areas in the northeast may only cause minor damage to crops, government weather officials said on Tuesday.

The weather pattern, which has alreadyformed, could usher more frequent cold spells to the nation’s central and eastern regions, Jia Xiaolong, an official with China’s National Climate Center,told reporters at a briefing. The average winter temperature in north and northeast China was 1 to 2 degrees Celsius lower than normal during the previous five La Nina events since 2000, said Jia.

La Nina Is Here, Threatening Even Bigger Blazes and Storms

A freeze is forecast in most of China’s northeast from Oct. 4, but there shouldn’t be a big impact as crops there have already matured, said Xue Jianjun, another official at the center.