This Is the Coldest Place in America Today. It’s \u221227 Degrees.

The huge storm that dumped record shows across much of Texas and then moved to the Northeast also brought single-digit temperatures to Houston and Austin. It was caused by a rush of cold from Canada, and the resulting electric outages and broken water pipes may not be fixed for weeks. Temperatures were back to the 60s a few days later.

Because the U.S. ranges geographically from Maine to Florida and Alaska to Hawaii, the hottest and the coldest places across American can differ by 100 degrees. It is almost 85 degrees today in Miami.

It is 27 degrees below zero Fahrenheit today at Mount Washington. This is the highest peak in the northeastern United States at 6,288 feet. It is also the most topographically prominent mountain east of the Mississippi River. Mount Washington sits in the Presidential Range of the White Mountains. It is located in the east-central part of New Hampshire, west of the Maine border and north of Conway, New Hampshire.

Mount Washington is also known for the occasional high wind speeds at its peak. The fastest was measured at 231 miles per hour on April 12, 1934.

Although −27 degrees is a fairly low temperature for this time of year, the average low is often below zero early in the year, particularly in January, February and March. The average high temperature over that period is 15 degrees. By the summer, average temperatures rise substantially to an average of over 50 degrees from June through August. The average low temperature over those three months is about 40 degrees.

Average snowfall in the first three months of the year runs about 40 inches per month. From June through September rainfall averages about eight inches per month.

Mount Washington is also known for the Mount Washington Observatory, a weather station and educational facility.

Weather conditions on Mount Washington likely won’t soon improve much. From the National Weather Service: “A 30 percent chance of snow showers before 10pm. Mostly cloudy, then gradually becoming mostly clear, with a low around −3. Wind chill values as low as −31. Very windy, with a northwest wind 50 to 55 mph, with gusts as high as 70 mph.”

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