Long Beach cuts off gas service to restaurant that refused to shut down patio used for outdoor dining

California business owner: Lifted restrictions means ‘pressure’ on Newsom worked

The Wine Country Coalition spokesperson Carl Dene comments on California lifting regional stay-at-home orders.

Gas service to Long Beach's Restauration was cut off by city officials on Saturday after its owner, Dana Tanner, violated COVID-19 restrictions by repeatedly refusing to shut down her patio being used for outdoor dining.

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Long Beach spokesman Kevin Lee told the Long Beach Post that the city took the step of turning off Restauration’s gas after warning Tanner that they would do so if she continued to stay open against COVID-19 rules.

City officials previously threatened to shut off Tanner’s water if she didn’t comply with the health order, but Tanner told FOX Business that she believes the city resorted to turning off her gas because her water is routed to a neighboring apartment building.

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Restauration (photo courtesy of Dana Tanner)

Tanner said that despite the city's move to turn off her gas, she has decided to continue to keep her restaurant open.

"I feel like my city essentially, you know, they're bullying me. They're harassing me," she said. "But I'm not going to back down from it and I have a lot of support from the other restaurants around here and, you know, salon owners and gym owners."

In order to continue to operate, Restauration has converted all of their equipment to electric and adjusted their menu accordingly.


Tanner's battle with Long Beach stems from her frustration with the city's support for small business dating back to Los Angeles County's dining ban in November.

"I closed up for 10 days and I was just having a really hard time with it and I was like, I'm not participating in this anymore," Tanner said. "When you strip someone of their livelihood and their sense of purpose that they find in their job…it is very dangerous."

Restauration citations (photo courtesy of Dana Tanner)

Tanner has received a total of ten citations and misdemeanor charges against her restaurant, amounting to fines totaling roughly $4,300. In addition, the restaurant's health permit has been revoked.


The latest citation came on Monday as California Gov. Gavin Newsom announced that the state's stay at home restrictions would be lifted. The move allows restaurants and gyms to reopen outdoor services to the public. However, the final call will be made by individual counties.

Newsom said that while California is not out of the woods, officials are starting to see the the curve of COVID-19 cases flatten.

"Everything that should be up is up. Everything that should be down is down," Newsom said during a news conference Monday.

FILE – In this Jan. 15, 2021, file photo, Governor Gavin Newsom addresses a press conference held at the launch of a mass COVID-19 vaccination site at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. California has lifted regional stay-at-home orders statewide in resp

When Newsom was asked by a Fox 11 reporter to respond to critics who say his decision is "political, arbitrary, and that he's feeling the pressure of the recall effort," the governor replied: "Utter nonsense."

The 7-day average for COVID-19 cases has dropped 37.9 percent while hospitalizations and ICU admissions are down 20 and 10 percent, respectively, in the last two weeks. As of Monday, California's statewide totals have surpassed 3.1 million confirmed COVID-19 cases and more than 37,000 related deaths since the beginning of the pandemic.


Tanner said she has not heard anything from Los Angeles County or the city regarding whether or not her gas service will be restored.

"I'm kind of in limbo right now with that because I'm still waiting to hear from my attorney, like how things are going to be handled at the city," Tanner said. "So I'm just moving forward like I was last week with what I have to do to protect my business, to do my appeals and all that stuff."

She added that she just wants to continue to be able to operate her restaurant.

"I don't want to fight with my city," Tanner said. "I just want to run a business."

A spokeserson for LA County declined to comment. The city of Long Beach did not immediately return FOX Business' request for comment.

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