How Much Are Prince Harry and Meghan Really Worth?

It is extremely difficult to figure out the net worth of individuals unless most of their wealth is tied up in public companies or financial instruments that are easy for analysts to examine. Forbes has estimated the net worth of Americans, and later people around the world, since the Forbes 400 was first released in 1982. News service Bloomberg followed with its Billionaire Index in 2012. Bloomberg’s figures change daily, as if calculations could be made so quickly.

People with private incomes and private contracts that pay them great sums of money have net worths that are difficult to peg. Many contracts and endorsements have confidentiality clauses, which leaves the press to get figures from anonymous sources or to guess them.

Prince Harry, among the grandchildren of the Queen of England, and Meghan Markle had the majority of their income, until recently, from money provided by the royal family. Their incomes probably have skyrocketed since they largely severed relationships with them.

What the Duke and Duchess of Sussex make from relatively new deals they have cut with companies in the United States is hard to ascertain. To set a net worth, that number has to be given some kind of multiple. Before they left for the United States, Harry’s father, Prince Charles, gave them £4.5 million a year, but that was split with his older brother and his wife, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, according to the BBC. The couple said in a TV interview with Oprah Winfrey that money had been “cut off.”

Harry and Meghan have more than replaced the royal money. Also, his mother, Princess Diana, left a sum to him. That number could be as high as £6.0 million.

New deals with Spotify and Netflix could cause their net worth to soar. Before these transactions, Forbes put their net worth at only $10 million. The media has put the Spotify deal at close to $18 million for a three-year arrangement. The New York Times tried to get the figure for the Netflix deal, but the streaming service turned them down.

Turning to property, Harry and Meghan own a house in Montecito, California, that is worth as much as $14 million. While they own the property, it is not clear if it carries a mortgage.

Of all the media analyses of the finances of Harry and Meghan, the one that puts their net worth the highest is Town & Country. However, it includes money left to them by the queen, who remains in robust health.

Despite reports about their burgeoning wealth, there is little evidence that their net worth is higher than $10 million to $20 million, some of which they may not receive for several years.

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