Church gets good news after ‘Dear John’ intervenes in bank fraud investigation

Dear John: Thank you!

You have provided our church with some good news in the midst of this pandemic. I cannot adequately put into words our gratitude to you.

One week ago today, I wrote you a brief email outlining the $60,000 fraud our church experienced on our US Bank checking account.

Within six hours of emailing you, I was contacted directly by the executive offices of US Bank. Four days later, US Bank credited our church checking account the $60,000 that had been stolen.

This was a complete 180 from the bank, as they had previously told me we would not be credited the funds.

Thank you! I wish there was some way we could give you a percentage of the stolen funds that were returned to us!

All thanks to a quick email that I sent to you on a whim.

Your work makes a difference in people’s lives. Our church leadership had been sick with worry about this over the past 1¹/₂ months. I was having trouble sleeping some nights, thinking about how we would tell our small congregation of 180 people that we were robbed of $60K — with no recourse.

With deep gratitude. M.E.

Dear M.E.: Glad I could help.

But you should really thank the people at US Bank headquarters who acted with common sense and speed after I contacted them. Sometimes you just have to get to the right people.

And your gratitude is rewarding enough for me. Also, say a prayer for the people who stole your church’s money. I’m sure there is a special place in hell for them.

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