99% of Indian professionals ready to resume business travel: SAP Concur study

The study also found that `flexibility was the most pressing need for business travelers.

Indian business travellers (99%) want to resume work trips within the next 12 months, according to the results of a SAP Concur study.

Some 78% of business professionals in India who participated in a survey were eager to recommence travel, and the percentage was much higher than the global average, as per the study.

Some 84% of Indian business professionals felt their inability to increase travel would hurt them professionally and personally. Respondents from India said if their organisations did not increase business travel, most business activities such as new deal sign ups, (47%), customer additions (41%) and contract renewals (43%), would be adversely impacted.

The study also found that `flexibility was the most pressing need for business travelers.

Some 64% of Indian business travellers said they have the ability to select their preferred mode of travel, as against 43% globally. Also, 58% of Indian professionals said they preferred to book their travel directly with airlines or hotels to ensure safety as against their global counterparts (39%).

Indian travelers also said they were keen on staying in larger hotels (54%), using their personal vehicle instead of public transportation (49%) and prioritising trips with shorter distances (42%). Whereas, some 66% of Indian business travelles said they wanted to return to business travel on their own terms.

“Even though businesses have successfully adapted and are strategising well to navigate in a post-pandemic world, the importance of business travel to developing connections, ideate and network remains undiminished", says Mankiran Chowhan, Managing Director – India, SAP Concur.

The SAP Concur Survey was conducted by Wakefield Research and some 3,850 business travelers across 25 geographies, including India, were part of it.

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