Walmart To Allow Virtual Toy Shopping For Kids This Holiday Season

Walmart is letting kids to shop for their favorite toys virtually this holiday season, while also allowing them to virtually unbox, test and play with this season’s hottest toys without leaving home, before placing an order.

Walmart came up with this idea particularly in view of the restrictions in place amidst the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

“Toys play a critical role in families’ lives as they spend more time at home and parents seek ways to keep kids engaged with learning-based play,” said Steve Ronchetto, vice president of Toys at Walmart.

Walmart, claimed to be the top toy retailer in the U.S., has developed a virtual alternative to replace the physical visits to the toy store for demos.

Kids can play and engage with hundreds of toys virtually from the aisles of Walmart starting today using the Walmart Wonder Lab, created in partnership with interactive entertainment company Eko.

The retail giant has also unveiled a list of 36 top-rated toys for the 2020 holiday season that have been tested and selected by kids themselves. The list includes kid influencer-created toys, interactive and educational toys, screen-free indoor entertainment and toys for active outdoor play.

After placing the order, Walmart has in place many convenient pickup and delivery options that customers can take advantage of as soon as the same day with services like Pickup and delivery or as quickly as the next day with services like Express delivery or shipped from

For creating the annual Top-Rated by Kids Toy List this year, Walmart had mailed the toys to few dozen kids to test and try them at home to rate them.

Generally, Walmart brings together hundreds of kids to their convention center near its Arkansas headquarters to physically try out several toys to choose the one they would like to receive for Christmas from Santa Claus. This also helps it to create the Top-Rated list every year.

Walmart had entered into a joint venture with Eko in October 2018 to develop original, interactive content that will enable Walmart to connect with customers in new and more meaningful ways. This also included a range of offerings, from cooking shows to interactive toy catalogues.

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