Video shows hilarious moment when Pennsylvania AG's teen son walks in on live TV interview then shuffles out backwards

  • A hilarious moment shows the teenage son of Pennsylvania's Attorney General Josh Shapiro accidentally walking in during a live interview with MSNBC on Friday.
  • Shapiro's son walked in while glued to his phone, looked up in horror, and then backtracked.
  • After the clip went viral on social media, Shapiro joked that it was proof that he will "never be as interesting as TikTok."
  • Shapiro was discussing the Trump campaign's attempts to halt the counting of some ballots.
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Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro joked about taking his son's phone away after the teenager accidentally crashed a live TV interview. 

Shapiro was speaking to MSNBC on Friday from his home when his son walked into the frame while looking down at his phone. Once his son noticed he crashed the interview, he made eye contact with the camera while slowly backing out of the room, phone still in hand.

After the clip went viral on social media, Shapiro took to Twitter to joke that he's "taking his phone away for 24 hours" alongside a crying laughing face emoji.

In another tweet, Shapiro also joked that the incident had been proof that he will "never be as interesting as TikTok."

Watch the hilarious moment below.


Shapiro was speaking to MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace after the Trump campaign filed lawsuits in the state in a bid to stop the counting of some ballots.

The attorney general said the legal filings will have "no impact" on the election, adding: "There's been a lot of activity but really no change. The ballots are being counted, public servants and our communities are doing their best to follow the law and make sure that all these legal votes are counted," according to Newsweek. 

"There's a lot of chatter. There's a lot of noise, but there's no legal impact. These ballots are valid, they're lawful and they are being counted in Pennsylvania," Shapiro added.

The state has been thrust into the national spotlight after President-elect Joe Biden took the lead over Trump, winning its 20 electoral votes.

Earlier Friday, Insider and Decision Desk HQ projected Biden to win the election. You can read the rationale behind that call here.

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