US COVID-19 Infections Cross 5 Million

The total number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the United States crossed 5 million Sunday.

One fifth of these cases, or a million, were reported in just more than two weeks. However, a sharp drop in new cases and deaths were reported at the weekend.

An additional 46,935 coronavirus infections were reported in the last 24 hours, taking the total number of cases in the country to 5044864, as per Johns Hopkins University’s latest data Monday.

That is a substantial decrease from a peak of more than 70,000 daily cases last month, but infections and deaths are on the rise in many states.

515 people died from the viral infection on Sunday, bringing the cumulative national total to 162,938.

This is just half of COVID-related deaths reported on the previous day.

Meanwhile, Democrat leaders criticized the new virus relief package that President Donald Trump announced on Saturday after talks between Republican lawmakers and their Democrat counterparts stalled.

While House Speaker Nancy Pelosi termed it as “absurdly unconstitutional,” Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer told ABC that Trump’s unilateral measures were “unworkable, weak and far too narrow.”

“The Democrats were unwilling to do anything. It was time to act. We have to get money out to the people,” Trump told reporters on his way back to Washington.

The President signed four executive actions to help boost the U.S. economy, which was battered by the pandemic.

Also on Sunday, Brazil passed the grim milestone of 100,000 deaths linked to Covid-19.

The Latin American country is the second worst-affected in the world.

Following is the state-wise infection and casualty data of the hard-hit regions as per Johns Hopkins’ latest data.

New York (32774 deaths, 420860 infections), New Jersey (15874 deaths, 184773 infections), Michigan (6519 deaths, 96726 infections), Massachusetts (8735 deaths, 121040 infections), Louisiana (4263 deaths, 131399 infections), Illinois (7845 deaths, 1958380 infections), Pennsylvania (7311 deaths, 123312 infections), California (10377 deaths, 559746 infections), Connecticut (4441 deaths, 50320 infections), Texas (9157 deaths, 503328 infections), Georgia (4199 deaths, 216596 infections), Virginia (2326 deaths, 100086 infections), Maryland (3585 deaths, 95503 infections), Florida (8186 deaths, 532806 infections), Indiana (3041 deaths, 74328 infections), Ohio (3669 deaths, 100848 infections), Colorado (1858 deaths, 50642 infections), Minnesota (1698 deaths, 60898 infections), Arizona (4150 deaths, 186923 infections) Washington (1688 deaths, 63072 infections), North Carolina (2192 deaths, 136346 infections), Mississippi (1896 deaths, 67173 infections), Tennessee (1223 deaths, 122712 infections), Alabama (1768 deaths and 101334 infections) South Carolina (2031 deaths, 100435 infections), Rhode Island (1014 deaths, 19738 infections) and Missouri (1334 deaths, 59383 infections).

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