US Approaching 50,000 COVID-19 Deaths

With no let-up in the spread of coronavirus in the United States, virus-related deaths in the country are approaching 50,000.

The total number of deaths has risen to 49,963 as per Johns Hopkins University’s latest data.

U.S. health authorities have identified more than 869,172 COVID-19 cases throughout the United States so far.

Of all the infections reported in the country, 263,460 were in New York.

The number of casualties crossed 20000 in the state, which reported 20,982 deaths as of John Hopkins’ 9:00 a.m. ET update on Friday.

The number of infections in New Jersey topped 100000 on Friday.

New Jersey (5426 deaths and 100025 infections), Michigan (2977 deaths, 35296 infections), Massachusetts (2360 deaths and 46023 infections), Louisiana (1599 deaths, 25739 infections), Illinois (1688 death, 36937 infections), Pennsylvania (1724 deaths, 38379 infections), California (1533 deaths, 39561 infections) Connecticut (1639 deaths, 23100 infections), Florida (987 deaths, 29648 infections), Georgia (881 deaths, 21883 infections) and Washington (711 deaths, 12753 infections) are the other worst-affected states.

In an important development Thursday, the House of Representatives passed a $480 billion package in support of small businesses and hospitals. It can be disbursed once President Donald Trump signs the measure.

Meanwhile, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said in a talk show that the country is in a “very critical time right now.”

The beaches in Bay County, Florida, were opened to the public with limitations on Friday.

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