Tracker Teen Gets Job Offer For Tracking Elon Musk’s Plane

After being offered $5000 by Elon Musk to stop tracking his plane and then being subsequently blocked by the Tesla, Inc (TSLA) CEO, Jack Sweeney, the 19-year-old college student has landed a job for his expertise in technology, according to the Post.

Stratos Jet Charters, a private charter flight company in Orlando, Florida, has offered a role to the teen in its tech development team. Sweeney said. “It was pretty cool. They’re UCF alumni, so it’s pretty interesting. There’s just a lot of UCF that think it’s cool.” However, Sweeney, already in the books of UberJets, another private charter firm on a part-time basis, is considering the offer.

The CEO of Stratos Jet, Joel Thomas, a University of Central Florida alum, said, “Understanding that he is currently enrolled at UCF, Stratos is happy to work with him on a project basis, part-time or internship to help him further his educational goals.” Thomas believes that Sweeney’s understanding of real-time flight tracking can help the company serve its clients with more accurate timing.

The conversation in question started back in November when the richest man in the world reached out to the college student who apparently earns $20 a month, to stop the “@ElonJet” account which tracks the locations of Elon Musk’s plane. The conversation went as Musk offered $5000 to Sweeney to shut down the account. Sweeney then showed his negotiation skills to claim a $50,000 from Musk along with an internship. Musk denied the proposal saying, “I don’t love the idea of being shot by a nutcase.”

The conversation made Sweeney a sensation overnight and his account has grown leaps and bounds since the story has surfaced. However, Musk has blocked Sweeney’s personal account. Sweeney said, “He didn’t have to block me. I can get why he’s mad. Some of them, they don’t like the news, so if it’s all over the news, you can totally see why he would be like that.”

Sweeney has similar accounts for Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos however, he has never had a conversation with them. Musk has claimed that this tracking poses a “security risk” for him and has tried to make tracking difficult, but Sweeney thinks that Musk’s attempts have made tracking complicated but not “crazy hard”.

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