Three Companies Agree To Recall Nearly 69,000 Elevators To Fix Safety Issue

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission on Tuesday said that three elevator manufacturers– Bella Elevator LLC, Inclinator Company of America, and Savaria Corporation, have announce three separate voluntary recalls of about 69,000 residential elevators.

The recall was announced due to risk of child entrapment and serious injury or death to young children.

According to a statement, young children can become entrapped in the space between the exterior landing (hoistway) door and the interior elevator car door or gate if there is a hazardous gap, and suffer serious injuries or death when the elevator is called to another floor.

Bella Elevator has recalled about 10,500 Bella residential elevators manufactured from 2009 to 2021. Models include Symmetry IGD, Hydraulic, and Winding Drum Elevators.

Savaria has recalled about 19,500 Savaria and Garaventa branded residential elevators manufactured from 1999 through 2021. Models include: Eclipse, Infinity, Kwiklift, MR and HR.

Inclinator Company of America has recalled about 39,300 inclinator residential elevators manufactured from 1979 through 2021. Models include: Winding Drum (450 – 1,000 lb.), Hydraulic Drive, Chain Drive, Traction Drive and Overhead Cable Drum.

The companies have requested consumers to keep unsupervised young children away from the recalled residential elevators and contact the manufacturers for instructions on how to measure for space guards to correct any hazardous gap. Space guards will be provided free of charge and assistance with space guard installation will be provided on request.

No incidents or injuries have been reported related to the recalled elevators.

CPSC Chairma Alexander Hoehn-Saric said, “I am pleased that the CPSC and these three residential elevator companies, Bella Elevator, Inclinator Company of America, and Savaria Corporation have come to an agreement to rectify a dangerous hazard for consumers who use residential elevators in their own homes, the homes of relatives, or in rental or vacation homes.”

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