This State Has The Best Benefits For Veterans

The list of the benefits the U.S. government offers veterans is long. According to, these include disability compensation,  pension programs, free or low-cost medical care through VA hospitals and medical facilities, education plans, home loan guarantees, vocational training,  Small Business Administration loans, counseling, and burials.

The number of people eligible for these benefits is large. Pew Research reports there are 19 million veterans. The percentage of those from WWII has dropped well under 1%. Korean war veterans have dropped to 5%.  Almost 70% of the total are veterans from Vietnam and the Gulf War.

To determine the state with the best benefits for veterans, 24/7 Wall St. reviewed an article on the Best and Worst States for Veterans from financial comparison site MagnifyMoney from financial comparison site MagnifyMoney. States were ranked based on the veteran population, the quality and quantity of Veterans Affairs centers, and the economic circumstances for veterans.

About a quarter of veterans, 4.7 million people, have a service-connected disability. Veterans Affairs health care and other benefits provided to service members can be a crucial lifeline for those struggling with the physical and mental challenges they now face as a result of their service.

The quality of veteran’s benefits also depends heavily on economics — some states give out much more significant tax breaks to former service members than others, saving them thousands of dollars on property taxes.

The state with the best benefits for veterans is North Dakota. Here are the details:

> Score: 67.9/100
> Number of Veterans centers: 43.6 per 100,000 VA enrollees (4th highest)
> Median property tax range for veterans: $1,600-$1,699

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