This Is Most Popular US Attraction on Instagram

Instagram, the photo and video sharing app, was launched in 2010. In 2012, Facebook bought it for $1 billion. It is now part of the Facebook empire, which has such a large presence in social media that some members of Congress want it regulated. It is also a tremendous promotion vehicle for celebrities and athletes. Soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo has over 330 million followers.

While Instagram can drive traffic to athletes, it also can act to promote destinations. In the age of social media, this can be critical to sales. To determine the most popular U.S. attraction on Instagram, 24/7 Tempo reviewed analysis by global luggage storage network, Stasher. Stasher’s list of attractions included 99 global tourist hot spots selected based on 200 Instagram posts on each attraction’s hashtag. Engagement rates were determined by the number of likes. For the purposes of its list, 24/7 Tempo selected only the attractions located in the United States.

Instagram users love to check in at theme parks. Seven of the 21 top U.S. attractions are amusement parks, and these are dominated by those that are Disney-owned.

Though theme parks steal the show on the social media apps, New York City steals the show when it comes to hosting popular destinations.

Some destinations are hard to capture in a way that makes them “instagrammable,” at least according to some people. That doesn’t mean they are less worthy of visiting

Central Park is the most popular U.S. attraction on Instagram. Located in the center of Manhattan, the urban park was completed in 1876. Here are the details:

  • Instagram engagement index: 5.90 out of 10
  • Overall Instagram popularity rank: 4 out of 99

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