The ruins of a ‘haunted’ Scottish village are on sale for nearly $173,000

The remains of a village in Scotland, which is supposedly haunted, has gone up for sale for offers over £125,000 ($172,859). 

The ruins of the Old Village of Lawers sits on the shore of Loch Tay in Scotland's central Highlands and stretch across over three acres of land. This is according to Goldcrest Land & Forestry Group, which is managing the sale, listed on Friday. 

The ruins include the House of Lawers, which was home to the Lady of Lawers in the late 1600s, who was its last occupant. 

She was known for her various prophecies, such as referring to "fire-coaches" crossing the Drumochter Pass, which is said to be her predicting the coming of the railway. 

One of the Lady of Lawers' more eerie prophecies was that a "ship driven by smoke will sink in Loch Tay with great loss of life." There is no record of such a disaster but it suggests she foresaw steamships before they were first under construction.

"Perhaps unsurprisingly, the site is said to be haunted to this day by a female; presumably the Lady," Goldcrest said in the property brochure. 

A former mill and kiln are also among the ruins of the old village. 

A census from 1841 suggested that 17 people lived in the village at that time, according to Goldcrest. By 1891, there was just seven, all of whom lived in the Pier Master's house but this was abandoned by 1926. 

Certain rights to fish in the Loch Tay are included in the sale, as well as permission to launch a boat. 

For keen hikers, there are seven "Munros" nearby, which is the name given in Scotland to mountains higher than 3,000 feet. This includes Ben Lawers, which is the 10th highest Munro in Scotland but the highest in the central Highlands.

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