The charge: Manslaughter

Kim Potter, the police officer who shot and killed Daunte Wright, was arrested on manslaughter charges. The biggest scammer of all time, Bernie Madoff, died in prison. And the Earth, like all of us, contains multitudes. And we just found a new layer.

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Officer who shot Daunte Wright arrested

The Minnesota police officer who shot Daunte Wright could face up to 10 years in prison and a $20,000 fine if she is convicted on charges of second-degree manslaughter. Kim Potter, a 26-year-veteran of the Brooklyn Center Police Department, was arrested Wednesday and is being held without bail in the Hennepin County jail. Former police chief Tim Gannon, who resigned Tuesday, said he believed Potter mistakenly reached for her firearm instead of her Taser when she shot Wright, 20, a Black man, who fled after struggling with police during a traffic stop Sunday. Potter, who is white, also resigned Tuesday. Wright’s family called for Potter to be held accountable and said they could not accept the police’s account of the incident as “an accident.” 

  • “He did not deserve this”: Family remembers Daunte Wright as an adoring dad who enjoyed playing sports and celebrating the Fourth of July.

Kim Potter resigned from the Brooklyn Center Police Department in Minnesota. (Photo: Bruce Bisping, AP)

Bernie Madoff dies in prison

The crimes committed by financier Bernie Madoff, who died Wednesday, have faded from the headlines, but his Ponzi scheme, the largest in history, was one of the biggest financial stories of the past decade. Madoff, 82, was once deemed a Wall Street wizard. The former Nasdaq stock market chairman was known for investments that gave his clients large, unusually steady returns. In 2009, he admitted to swindling thousands of clients out of billions of dollars in investments over decades. They reportedly included baseball legend Sandy Koufax, Hollywood titan Jeffrey Katzenberg and actors Kevin Bacon and John Malkovich. Madoff was sentenced to 150 years in prison, a true lifetime term more typical of the sentences imposed on the worst mobsters and violent criminals.

  • Who did Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme affect and how did he get caught? Your questions answered.

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