The 25 Most Liberal Colleges In America

A college education is becoming a major political dividing line in the U.S. In many recent presidential elections, voters with and without at least a bachelor’s degree tended to be relatively aligned, with both preferring Barack Obama by almost the same margin in 2012.

Yet this is no longer the case. In 2016, voters with a degree preferred Hilary Clinton over Donald Trump by a 23-point margin. In 2020, about 60% of college-educated voters picked Joe Biden. Though college-educated voters tend to prefer democratic candidates overall, there are some college campuses where the typical political leanings of students are even more to the left.

To determine the 25 most liberal colleges in America, 24/7 Wall St. reviewed data from education data platform Niche’s “2022 Most Liberal Colleges in America” list. Niche’s ranking is based on student surveys about both personal political leanings as well as opinions about the political leanings of other students.

College campuses often share the views of the communities around them, and these particularly liberal schools are no exception. California and New York are home to five of the schools on this list apiece. Massachusetts has three, and Illinois, Oregon, and Washington, D.C. have two each. Each of those states and Washington D.C. preferred Biden over Trump by a margin of 15 points, if not much more.

Beyond their political ideologies, these liberal colleges tend to produce students who are equipped to find a high-paying job. Of the 25 most liberal colleges, 22 reported that the median annual earnings of graduates working 10 years after entering school is over $44,000, while the median is under $43,500 for schools nationwide. These are the most affordable colleges with the best outcomes in every state.

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