Sony Suspends PlayStation Store In China Indefinitely

Sony Corp. has suspended its PlayStation Store in mainland China indefinitely for system security reasons. The closure was on May 10, while no time or date has been given for the reopening of services. With the development, the Japanese gaming major, for the time being, will be prevented from selling games in the world’s largest video game market.

PlayStation China announced the closure in its official Chinese Weibo account. According to the company, the closure was for a system security upgrade to enhance the safety of the store’s services. It did not provide further details.

Meanwhile, reports on social media indicated that PlayStation users in China were able to switch to overseas services through a backdoor. This helped them to overcome China’s restrictions to download unlicensed games. In China, every company needs to obtain a license from the content regulator for launching any game.

Sony had set up mainland China online stores in 2019 for approved games and provides limited options.

According to Reuters, some vendors were offering to crack the restrictions on Chinese PlayStation Store for a fee of less than $5 on e-commerce platforms. A social media user on Weibo named ‘senliyingsi’ reported having informed about the backdoor to authorities.

In late January, Sony had shut down its live TV streaming service PlayStation Vue, aiming to remain focused on the core gaming business. The company then noted that the highly competitive Pay TV industry, with expensive content and network deals, has been slower to change than it expected.

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