Pluto TV Will Stream 40 CBS And Comedy Central Shows Like ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’, Early ‘South Park’ Seasons

ViacomCBS next week will add a tranche of 40 shows from CBS and Comedy Central to its free, ad-supported Pluto TV streaming service.

The slate of library titles, including mainstays like Survivor, CSI: Miami, Star Trek: The Next Generation and the first 10 seasons of South Park, will give Pluto more than 100,000 unique hours of programming.

South Park‘s full vault went to HBO Max last fall in a subscription streaming deal worth north of $500 million.

Other titles heading to Pluto include The Amazing Race, Beverly Hills 90210, America’s Next Top Model, CSI: NY, Everybody Hates Chris, Jag, Melrose Place, MacGyver, Sister Sister, Scorpion, Numbers and Moesha.

“Pluto TV is the leading free streaming television service in America and is distinguished by both the quantity and quality of its content,” said Tom Ryan, CEO and co-founder of Pluto TV. With the new additions, “Pluto TV is one of the broadest and deepest streaming services in the world, and guaranteed to offer something for everyone, on any device, for free.”

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Acquired by Viacom for $340 million in January 2019, Pluto has doubled its reach since the acquisition to 24 million monthly unique viewers in the U.S. It has become a fulcrum of synergy across ViacomCBS, with curated versions of ViacomCBS channels and properties populating the linear streaming platform.

Pluto also has served as a marketing and customer acquisition engine for linear and streaming platforms. It has streamed shows like The Twilight Zone, various Star Trek installments and the first two seasons of Yellowstone leading up to its season three premiere on Paramount Network.

Ad-supported streaming, which will see another major player next week when NBCUniversal’s Peacock expands nationally after a preliminary run in the Comcast footprint. After the Pluto acquisition, Fox Corp. bought Tubi and Comcast bought Xumo, among other deals. AVOD platforms of all stripes are aiming to preserve advertising spending that has been leaving the linear TV business, especially during COVID-19.

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