McDonald's UK CEO Apologizes As Allegations Of Misconduct And Harassment Emerge

The head of McDonald’s (MCD) in the United Kingdom, Alistair Macrow, has issued an apology following the BBC’s report on allegations of sexual misconduct, racism, and bullying by staff within the fast-food giant. The British state broadcaster revealed that over 100 former and current McDonald’s workers had made these claims, following an investigation that commenced in February.

According to the BBC, multiple workers alleged that managers at McDonald’s outlets across the UK were responsible for harassment and assaults, with senior managers often failing to take action on complaints. These revelations come in the wake of McDonald’s signing a legally-binding agreement with the UK’s Equality and Human Rights Commission to ensure the protection of staff from sexual harassment.

Responding to the allegations, Alistair Macrow, the UK CEO of McDonald’s, expressed his commitment to providing a safe and inclusive workplace for the company’s 177,000 employees in the UK. He acknowledged instances where McDonald’s fell short and extended a sincere apology. Macrow stated that any proven breaches of the company’s code of conduct would be met with the most severe measures possible, including potential dismissal.

The EHRC expressed concern over the allegations and confirmed that it would investigate them in the context of its existing legal agreement with McDonald’s, which aims to combat sexual harassment of staff within the company’s restaurants.

McDonald’s has one of the youngest workforces in the UK, with approximately 75 percent of its employees aged between 16 and 25. The BBC’s investigation uncovered accounts from workers, some as young as 17, who reported routine incidents of groping and harassment.

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