Matthew Seligman Dies Of COVID-19: David Bowie Bassist And Camera Club Member Was 64

Musician Matthew Seligman, who is known for playing bass for David Bowie at his 1985 Live Aid performance and a founding member of the band Bruce Woolley & The Camera Club has died due to complications with coronavirus. He was 64.

Thomas Dolby, Seligman’s friend and fellow member of The Camera Club, had been posting updates about Seligman’s condition on Facebook. On the morning of April 17, he wrote that Selgman suffered a haemorrhagic stroke. “It is expected that he will not survive longer than 12/24 hours,” he wrote. “His ventilator will be gradually withdrawn until the inevitable end. I am so sad to have to bear this terrible news. I have loved him as a friend and a fellow musician for 40 years.”

Dolby said that Seligman had been on a ventilator and in an induced coma due to coronavirus for two weeks at St George’s London. Later on Friday afternoon, Dolby wrote on Facebook: “Matthew’s gone.”

Seligman was a figure in the new wave music scene of the ’80s. He was a member of The Soft Boys and The Thompson Twins and The Dolphin Brothers. In addition to playing for Bowie at Live Aid, he also played bass on the soundtrack for Bowie’s 1986 fantasy pic Labyrinth.

On Sunday, Dolby helped organize a live online streaming tribute for Seligman on YouTube. Dolby also launched the Matthew Seligman Tribute Fund for the late musician where 100% of the funds will help Seligman’s family.



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