Los Angeles County Has More COVID-19 Cases Than Belgium

As U.S. confirmed cases rocketed up by a record 80,471 yesterday to 8,578,831, counts in several counties have topped 100,000. The largest of these is Los Angeles County, where cases hit 291,599. That is more than Belgium’s 287,700 which puts it 26th among all nations.

Fatal cases in Belgium are 10,658. In Los Angeles County, the figure is 6,956.

The increase in Los Angeles County confirmed cases was 3,503 yesterday, a record.

Los Angeles County is the largest in the U.S. by far based on total population. That figure is 10,105,518. The figure is almost double that of the next county, which is Cook County, which includes Chicago. Cook County’s population is 5,180,493.

The United States currently has five counties with over 100,000 confirmed cases.

Miami-Dade has 181,017. It has 3,597. It is America’s seventh-largest county by population at 2,761,581.

Cook County has a confirmed case count of 171,437. It has 5,392 fatal cases.

Harris County, which includes Houston, has 157,392 confirmed cases. It has 2,765 fatal ones. It is the third-largest county in the U.S. based on population, at 4,698,619.

Maricopa County, home to Phoenix, has 152,695. It has 3,536 fatal cases. It is the fourth largest county in America based on population at 4,410,824.

State confirmed case counts are even more staggering.

The U.S. confirmed cases are concentrated in the largest states by population. California has 902,325 and Texas has 898,708. At the current rate of increase, Texas may overcome California’s count in a matter of days and become the top state in America based on the number of confirmed cases.

In Florida, there are 771,780 cases, and New York has 496,510. Yet, some of the states where COVID-19 is growing fastest have small populations, most notably North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, and Wisconsin. New York State continues to have the largest number of coronavirus deaths by far at 33,038, about 15% of the national total.

As cases grow, the Los Angeles County total could top several other countries. Israel has 308,840, and Pakistan has 327,063.

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