Levi’s CEO Says Baggy Jeans Are Making a Comeback

It may be time to shimmy out of those skinny jeans. Baggy denim is making a comeback.

Levi Strauss & Co. Chief Executive Officer Chip Bergh said jeans with more relaxed fits are selling well as shoppers stuck at home lean toward more comfy clothes.

“There’s definitely a trend toward more casual, looser-fitting clothes in general, and the same is true in jeans,” Bergh said on a conference call with analysts Wednesday. “I think it’s here to stay.”

Tight jeans have held strong as the dominant style for years as wardrobe staples and Bergh expects it to stay that way, especially for women. But renewed attention to roomier pants may finally provide more variety on denim shelves.

Levi reported fourth-quarter sales that came in above analysts’ estimates, but the company said the pandemic is still clouding its outlook. Shares fell 6.8% in after-market trading Wednesday afternoon.

The denim label started selling a baggier line of jeans this past season in both men’s and women’s, and it’s off to a fast start, the CEO said. The loose-straight fit, much less snug than the skinny, has also performed well, especially in recent months.

Executives have also made it a focus to sell a broader array of products, such as sweats and chinos. They aim to have half of revenue come from non-denim pants over the next decade.

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