‘It was rude’: Courtney Love says Olivia Rodrigo’s prom queen promo copied ‘Live Through This’ album

Rocker Courtney Love wants flowers from Olivia Rodrigo after the “drivers license” singer shared a familiar prom-themed photo on social media. 

After the former Disney Channel star posted a photo of herself as prom queen, wearing a tiara, streaked mascara and holding a bouquet of dead flowers, to promote her upcoming “Sour Prom” concert film on Wednesday, Love pointed out the resemblance to the iconic cover art for her 1994 Hole album, “Live Through This.”

“Since i never got to go to prom, I wanted to throw a little prom party with my fav ppl (you guys obvs),” Rodrigo, 18, wrote on Twitter and Instagram, adding the concert film premieres Tuesday on YouTube.

Captioning the photos with a knife emoji, there were shades of Stephen King’s prom horror queen “Carrie.” 

But Love, 56, unleashed her own shade on social media, reposting Rodrigo’s photo and tagging the Disney star. “Spot the difference! #twinning,” Love captioned her post. 

Rodrigo commented on Love’s post, writing, “Love you and ‘Live Through This’ soooo much.”

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The official Instagram account for the Shirley Manson-fronted band Garbage supported Love, commenting on her post, “You did it best though babe. Always and forever.”

In follow-up social media comments, Love contended that Rodrigo and her Geffen label had egregiously borrowed, without permission, the Ellen von Unwerth photo of model Leilani Bishop holding a floral bouquet with the prom queen’s tiara, mascara running down her face.

“It was rude of her, and geffen not to ask myself or Ellen von unwerth. It’s happened my whole career so i.d.c. But manners is manners,” Love said.

since i never got to go to prom, I wanted to throw a little prom party with my fav ppl (you guys obvs). SOUR prom the concert film comes out Tuesday!!!! 💜💐🔪 @[email protected]/7j1dvKVyWP

Love continued on social media: “Stealing an original idea and not asking permission is rude. There’s no way to be elegant about it. I’m not angry. It happens all the time to me.”

“I’m very gracious or say nothing. But this was bad form,” Love added. “That’s not bullying or bomb throwing. This persons music has nothing to do with my life. Possibly never will. It was rude and I (have) every right to stick up for my work.”

Love also addressed the resemblance to Sissy Spacek’s character in director Brian de Palma’s 1976 horror classic “Carrie” when saying she expected an apology from Rodrigo.

“I’ve asked her for flowers and a note, (you’re) right. It’s rude not to be asked. I know Ellen von unwerth isn’t amused,” Love wrote before adding, “And just to clarify? The Brian de Palma classic ‘Carrie’ is another thing. My cover was my original idea. A thing you maybe have to actually live life to acquire? I don’t know.”

However, in AnotherMag’s 2019 history of the “Live Through This” album cover, von Unwerth herself made the original “Carrie” inspiration clear for Hole’s second studio album.

“Courtney Love called me,” von Unwerth is quoted saying. “We were on the phone for one hour. I didn’t say much but listened, and Courtney had the idea of re-enacting the scene of the (1976) movie Carrie, which I loved, too.”

Nonetheless, Love pointed Rodrigo to the floral path through which to make written amends.

“Olivia-you’re welcome,” Love replied to Rodrigo’s Instagram comment. “My favorite florist is in Notting Hill, London! Dm me for deets! I look forward to reading your note!”

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