Hank Azaria To Reprise Role Of Jim Brockmire In New Podcast

Six-time Emmy Award-winning actor Hank Azaria will reprise his role as Jim Brockmire on The Jim Brockmire Podcast, launching on April 7 on the Le Batard & Friends network. Azaria and Brockmire producer, Sheena Datt, are teaming up with Meadowlark Media to launch the pod which will feature Azaria reprising the critically acclaimed role of fabled sportscaster Jim Brockmire.

In each show, Brockmire will interview a guest with his inimitable, hard-ball style – debuting with Charles Barkley on Wednesday, April 7. The podcast will be available across all platforms on which Le Batard & Friends podcasts are currently published. The 10-episode run will feature guests across sports and entertainment including Joe Buck, Don Cheadle, Steve Cohen, Colin Cowherd, Rich Eisen, Jemele Hill, Dan Patrick, Ben Stiller and Joy Taylor. Datt will co-host and produce the podcast with Dave Thomason on board as writer for the show. Mike Ryan Ruiz (Le Batard & Friends producer) will serve as executive producer.

“Hank is one of the most versatile talents the entertainment industry has seen over the past several decades,” said John Skipper, Meadowlark CEO. “The character of Jim Brockmire is both hilariously funny and refreshingly layered. We’re lucky to have Hank and Sheena share in the vision of Meadowlark and look forward to working together on this project.”

“When they first came to me with this idea, I had to have a young person explain the difference between a podcast and a radio show,” said Brockmire. “Several hours later, I still didn’t understand, but apparently I had agreed to do it. Pretty sure I was blackout drunk. Anywhoodles, I’m thrilled to announce that here it is, The Jim Brockmire Podcast! No clue what that means! Still pretty drunk!”

“What Jim said,” added Azaria.

“I am excited to partner with Hank and Dave Thomason to bring Brockmire back to the airwaves in a brand new format that is completely devoid of any input from Standards and Practices,” said Datt.

“I honestly can’t believe we get to add someone with Hank Azaria’s credentials to our stable of stupidity,” said Le Batard. “He’s the voice actor for our generation on The Simpsons, an impossibly funny actor and, best of all, our friend. I can’t wait for Brockmire, soaked in booze and drugs, to urinate on every single sacred thing in sports. Hank, Sheena and Dave are going to cook up something special… I just hope it’s not meth.”

Azaria received critical acclaim for starring as Jim Brockmire on IFC’s comedy series, Brockmire and was nominated for the 2018, 2019 and 2021 Critics’ Choice Award for “Best Actor in a Comedy Series.” He served as executive producer on the series.

In January, Skipper and Le Batard announced the formation of Meadowlark, a new content company with a creator-centric point of view. Meadowlark will partner with industry-leading storytellers on a variety of content projects with an initial focus on sports.

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