Gotham Chopra, Tom Brady & Michael Strahan’s Religion Of Sports Strikes Podcast Deal With PRX

EXCLUSIVE: Religion of Sports, the media company founded by Tom Brady, Gotham Chopra and Michael Strahan, is moving into podcasting after striking a partnership with PRX.

The company, which has produced series including Showtime’s Shut Up and Dribble, is set to launch a slate of shows in 2021. These will include longform narrative series, ranging from a deep dive into the evolving role of sports as part of American identity, to an investigation into a controversial and ground-breaking sports figure, to one man’s journey to uncover and solve various sports mysteries, in addition to podcasts tackling topics such as sports and spirituality, and how athletes push the limits of human potential to reach peak mental and physical performance.

PRX, the public media company behind podcasts such as This American Life and The Moth Radio Hour, will serve as a distribution partner and will also provide support through sponsorship services and promotion, as well as editorial and production collaboration with The Religion of Sports’ podcast team of audio producers, storytellers, and journalists.

“Three years ago, Tom, Michael, and I started Religion of Sports to tell stories that answered a central question: why do sports matter? We had a vision to tell these stories about how sports test the limits of human potential, change the fabric of our society and culture, and are a prism by which we can better understand ourselves and the world,” said Gotham Chopra, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Religion of Sports. “Our video projects have captured the attention and imagination of hundreds of millions of people, and we are so excited to bring the same vision, intensity, and mission to audio. There is no better partner to do that with than PRX. We couldn’t be more excited for you to hear what we have in store.”

“At PRX, we aim to expand possibilities of public media while partnering with incredible creators,” said Jason Saldanha, Chief of Business Development at PRX. “It’s a thrill to partner with the master creators at Religion of Sports. We share a commitment to high-quality storytelling that resonates deeply with audiences and can’t wait to help bring listeners must-hear programming in the year ahead.”

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