Dollar Pressure, China’s Addiction, Korea in Crosshairs: Eco Day

Welcome to Monday, Asia. Here’s the latest news and analysis from Bloomberg Economics to help you start the week.

  • Janet Yellen once touted the benefits of a weaker greenback for exports, but as the incoming Treasury secretary, she faces pressure toreturn the U.S. to a “strong-dollar” policy
  • If you worry about all the waste generated by the annual rush of holiday shopping and gift giving, it’s nothing compared to the mountains of discarded packaging froma single event in China
  • Investors positioning for a post-pandemic recovery haveSouth Korean sovereign bonds in their crosshairs
  • Sydney’s 5 million residents are being encouraged toforgo end-of-year celebrations and anything else that might fan a coronavirus outbreak that’s closed state borders. Meantime, Thailand reported a record number of new cases andlocked down a seaside province
  • Malaysia will enter 2021with its biggest spending plan yet to spur its virus-hit economy, but concerns are focusing on how to foot the bill
  • Another $900 billion of fiscal support would “absolutely”make a significant difference to the U.S. economy’s ability to endure Covid-19, but “challenging months” lie ahead, a top Fed official said
  • A compromise during pandemic relief talks over restrictions on the Feddoesn’t resolve differences on its emergency lending authority
  • Boris Johnson’s emergency lockdown isheaping last-minute pressure on negotiators as they race to reach a post-Brexit trade deal
  • Migrants are struggling over housing in China’sanswer to Silicon Valley. Shenzhen is a beacon for young workers dreaming of becoming the next Jack Ma. Yet the boom has led to the highest property prices and lowest home ownership rates in China

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