Daily COVID Cases In US Hit A New High Of 63,024

On Thursday, the United States witnessed another new high in daily coronavirus cases.

With 63,024 new cases reporting in the last 24 hours, the total number of people who contacted the disease in the U.S. increased to 3118168, according to Johns Hopkins University’s latest data.

The number of daily deaths continued to rise for the fourth consecutive day. With 982 additional deaths, total death toll in the country reached 133291.

More than one fourth of these deaths occurred in Texas, the new epicenter of the deadly disease in U.S., where 11,612 additional COVID patients were reported in a day.

The number of states where COVID-19 deaths crossed 1000 rose to 24.

Following is the latest state-wise infection and casualty data of the worst-affected regions.

New York (32283 deaths, 399513 infections), New Jersey (15448 deaths, 174270 infections), Michigan (6271 deaths, 75063 infections), Massachusetts (8268 deaths, 110897 infections), Louisiana (3355 deaths, 71994 infections), Illinois (7329 deaths, 151572 infections), Pennsylvania (6848 deaths, 97542 infections), California (6859 deaths, 302484 infections), Connecticut (4348 deaths, 47209 infections), Texas (3006 deaths, 236541 infections), Georgia (2930 deaths, 106727 infections), Virginia (1937 deaths, 67988 infections), Maryland (3288 deaths, 71447 infections), Florida (4009 deaths, 232718 infections), Indiana (2739 deaths, 49575 infections), Ohio (3006 deaths, 61331 infections), Colorado (1706 deaths, 35507 infections), Minnesota (1528 deaths, 40163 infections), Arizona (2038 deaths, 112671 infections) Washington (1409 deaths, 38581 infections), North Carolina (1477 deaths, 79656 infections), Mississippi (1204 deaths, 33591 infections), Tennessee (710 deaths, 57591 infections), Alabama (1068 deaths and 49174 infections) and Missouri (1073 deaths, 26410 infections).

With hospitalizations soaring day by day, hospitals in hot spots such as Florida, Arizona, California and Texas are adding new ICU beds and special airflow systems.

Top US infectious diseases expert Dr Anthony Fauci said some states reopened too quickly ignoring guidelines and the recommendations to open up carefully and prudently. “We’re in a very difficult, challenging period right now,” he said on Podcast-19.

An emotional WHO chief pleaded Thursday for international unity to fight the pandemic.

“How difficult is it for humans to unite to fight a common enemy that’s killing people indiscriminately?”, the director of the World Health Organization Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said at a news conference referring to President Donald Trump’s letter informing the UN health agency of his government’s decision to leave it.

Meanwhile Trump’s push to reopen schools full-time is meeting with resistance from school authorities. Most are planning to not fully reopen, the Washington Post reported.

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