COVID-19 Cases Top 400,000 in New York State

Confirmed COVID-19 cases in New York State have topped 400,000, more than any other state. It also leads the country in fatal cases at approximately 32,000. Its exact confirmed case count is 404,006.

New York State was hit early in the cycle in the spread of the virus and was by far the hardest-hit state in March and April. It is trailed by California, which has 347,634 confirmed cases and 7,227 COVID-19 deaths. California’s confirmed cases are rising at the rate of about 10,000 a day. In New York, that figure is less than 2,000. While it is possible California could match New York’s confirmed case count, it is almost impossible it will catch the state in number of deaths.

The third hardest-hit state is Florida, at 301,810 confirmed cases and 4,521 deaths. It is also possible that Florida will catch New York State in the number confirmed cases, because its count rises by 10,000 on some days, but based on fatalities, matching New York is almost impossible.

New York’s total is also higher than all but a handful of nations. Other than the United States, those only include Brazil at 1,966,748, India at 972,144 and Russia at 752,787. New York is also ahead of India and Russia in death counts. India’s is 24,936 and Russia’s is 11,937. The coronavirus deaths in these two countries may take months to pass the New York figure, if they move ahead of it at all.

The spread of COVID-19 in the southern and western parts of the United States has triggered huge spikes in California, Florida and Texas. It is impossible to say if this will cycle back to New York. Experts recently said the spread in Florida was due to travelers from New York. It could happen in the opposite direction.

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