Couple back on board after steep flight transfer fee shock -The Crusader

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But a bill of hundreds of pounds more took their breath away and seemed incomprehensible, they told Crusader. 

Customers Martina and Eric Berger brought forward their flight with British Airways (BA) to Vancouver from this autumn to May.

“The charge to us for doing the switch was £300 per person administration fee and the additional fare cost of £275 per ticket,” explained Martina.

 “We realised the tickets could well cost more, it was the size of the admin charge we were unhappy with. Our tickets were business class so £50 or £100 even would have been more appropriate. 

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When they called and questioned the figures Martina claims, “we were told promotions are separate and our booking was before the ‘no fee’ promise”.

It always pays to question and just as well Martina and Eric did. When we asked BA to review the size of the fee, there was very good news all round.

“We’ve been in contact with our customer to apologise for the inconvenience and provide a full refund of the admin fee that was charged in error,” confirmed a spokesperson.

Thanking both Crusader and BA, Martina and Eric said: “We have now been given a fair hearing and are very pleased.”

[Couple’s names have been changed]

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