Apple Podcasts Removes 1,900 Glenn Beck Episodes From Platform, Then Restores Them

Conservative media mogul Glenn Beck has had his Apple podcast account restored after seeing his entire 1,900 episode trove deleted.

Apple Podcasts removed his show from the platform without any warning or reason earlier in the day, he claimed.

In a video posted to X (formerly Twitter) on Wednesday, Beck said that his “The Glenn Beck Program” vanished without explanation.

“All of my podcasts have been removed from Apple/iTunes with no explanation,” Beck posted.

Apple sent a message that said, “We found an issue with your show, ‘The Glenn Beck Program,’ which must be resolved before it’s available on Apple Podcasts. Your show has been removed from Apple Podcasts.”

Beck added that Apple “sent us a link and said, ‘For more details, go to the link.’ And the link only says, ‘Your show has been removed from Apple Podcasts.’ Well, we got that one, dummy.”

Beck claimed he never received a strike.

“I cannot imagine what they are… basing this one on,” he said. “This is crazy, crazy… There’s nothing that we have said that would warrant any removal.”

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